Shhhhh! Don’t wake the neighborhood

It was 13 degrees outside at 5:30 this morning and I am out in the dark, memorized by the twinkling of the frost covered grass from the moon light while putting out feeders and filling waters buckets.

I recently switched jobs and have to leave the house before the sun comes up, so the routine for the ducks has had a few changes, at least temporarily until I’m done training but luckily for the Ducks it’s in their favor.

They get their breakfast a little over an hour earlier………. in bed and they have learned the new routine very quickly!

The Ducks know the sound of the latch on the gate to the run and the moment I pop it an eruption of quacks come from inside the coop and echoes into the cold dark abyss of the country.  The poor sleeping chickens roosted above the ducks are no longer enjoying their silent slumber.

With their breakfast in hand I open the coop door and a small amout of  light from the shed begins to peek in and I see the cutest, happiest little duck ever!   It’s Zoey, my Gray Indian Runner, she looks like a gray bowling pin with black webbed feet. Her neck streched as long and as tall as she can muster while dancing on her tipy toes trying to reach the bowl and the tasty goodies it holds. My face lights up with a smile, my heart melts and I begin to sing my morning greeting. “Hello ladies, hello Jax good morning, want some breakfast”. I have to gently work my way into the door to set the bowl down without stepping on her or the others.


I leave the bowl and let them feast while I get things ready for them to start their day when the coop door automatically opens at sunrise.

With the water buckets full and plugged in to prevent from freezing. Feeders hung and a few extra mealworms left on the ground for them to find later. I retrieved the breakfast bowl, say my “see you laters”.

I get to work, changed into scrubs and head to the break room to wait for the briefing of the day to start. Sipping coffee, I watch the live feed of the cameras in and around the coop on my phone. The ducks race out first, stretching their wings, enjoying sips of the fresh water and searching for the extra treats I left for them. A couple chickens follow out last but the rest decided to sleep in and stay roosted a little longer on this chilly November morning.

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