Share your knowledge

I do my best thinking when cleaning the coop. Here my thoughts from tonight….

Some of us experience & seasoned duck owners, raisers & rescuers sometimes forget that every single day someone somewhere is getting their first ducks and falling in love. Everything is new to them and they have to go through the learning curve we all have experienced.

We as the experienced have to be ambassadors, not get frustrated at what we now think is common knowledge and scare new duck moms/dads off BECAUSE we are only sending them somewhere else to seek education and it maybe the wrong education and a duck loses it’s life.

But also as important is our arrogance and knowing what worked or works for us may not work for them and that we all have had different experiences that taught us what we know. I don’t know everything & I learn from others experiences other than my own so I can be prepared for future issues that come up.

So cheers 🥂

to all who are new to the duck mom/dad life ❤️

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