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I do my best thinking when cleaning the coop. Here my thoughts from tonight…. Some of us experience & seasoned duck owners, raisers & rescuers sometimes forget that every single day someone somewhere is getting their first ducks and falling in love. Everything is new to them and they have to go through the learning […]

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Mom’s Home!!

I arrive home from work in the afternoon and see the Ducks already free ranging next to the house. A couple grazing on grass, a few taking a snooze under the picnic table and one standing on the deck in front of the patio door staring in waiting for hand outs. With a surprise tone […]

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God I love Mornings

6:30am the sun is just starting to make an appearance. In my Pajamas I slip into my usual morning hobby farm attire, bathrobe, Muck boots, hat and gloves. I step outside and off the porch and feel a light rain against my face. Oh goody! The coop door automatically opens and I’m running a little […]

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Above freezing in Wisconsin

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and It reached almost 50 degrees today. I left work a little early to come home and fill the duck pools and clean up thawed poop and straw that’s been building up outside the coop in the run area for the last couple of weeks. I know It’s a glamorous […]

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To say I love my ducks is the understatement of a lifetime. They have completely taken over my life and thoughts.   The second I put them to bed in their coop, say my good night I love yous, I can’t wait to see their happy quacking at sunrise. The best part of my day […]

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